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Outward Leadership

3-Day Workshop

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Leaders’ best efforts often fall short when conflict, communication, and collaboration challenges get in the way. Yet their efforts succeed when they have the mindset, knowledge, and skills to lead their organization in the face of constant change.

70% of transformation and leadership development efforts fail because they focus on behaviors alone and don’t take into account the mindset that drives behavior.

Turn the Fundamentals of Leadership Inside-Out

Arbinger takes a different approach. Because mindset is at the core of behavior change, the key to success lies in empowering leaders to shift from holding people accountable to creating accountable people. Outward Leadership, Arbinger’s leadership development solution, equips leaders with both the mindset and skillset to lead people-centric teams and results-focused organizations.

Discover our people-centric leadership tools

Our leadership training approach and solutions are based on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation—and experience working with organizations of all types and sizes. With over 38 tools, we help your leaders create an organizational culture that energizes people and relationships.

A 3 Day Leadership Workshop

This three-day course empowers leaders to overcome executive-level challenges using an outward mindset, helping them better recognize and address the needs, objectives, and challenges of those around them.

The course includes a two-day intensive training course on developing and implementing an outward mindset, and one day of intensive training on implementing an outward mindset across the organization, including the use of 38 tools to help drive this effort.


Day 1 – 2:

Leaders will be equipped with refreshing approaches to heighten self-awareness, redefine accountability that creates a laser focus on delivering results and enable and empower leaders invite collaboration within and across teams to minimize inefficiencies and optimize efforts.

Radical Self Awareness - Redefine Accountability - Enable Collaboration

Day 3 (Outward Leadership Master Class):

Implementing 38 Leadership tools on 30 leadership situations & challenges so that leaders leave the workshop with the knowledge and tools to develop accountable people, foster a collaborative culture, reduce conflict while creating trust, and improve their own strategic leadership skills.

Leadership Tools - Situational Game Plans

Key Outcomes

Develop Emotionally Aware and Effective Leaders

People leave leaders, not organizations. Equip your leaders with immediately practical tools to reduce the people friction that impedes results by creating new levels of emotional and situational awareness.

Enhance Productivity and Boost Performance

Nothing creates a shift in results faster than enabling a shift from holding people accountable to developing accountable people. Equip leaders with tools required to create a culture of accountability that drives sustained growth.

Improve Employee Retention and Engagement

Help leaders increase retention and eliminate the high cost of turnover though the application of conflict resolution, relationship building, intra- and interteam collaboration, and communication tools.

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for:

  • Leaders and managers at any level in an organization
  • Potential and emerging leaders

Please note: Arbinger courses are not for independent consultants or trainers. Attending this course does not give license to teach this content. If you are an independent consultant or trainer and have questions, please call us.

Pricing and Schedule

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