Arbinger’s Intellectual Foundations

The academic work upon which Arbinger is built has been hailed as “nothing short of a new psychology.” This whitepaper provides an introduction to the robust intellectual underpinnings of Arbinger’s programs and methodologies.

Dramatically Improving Performance

This Q&A clarifies how changing mindset lays the foundation for the productive and collaborative behaviors that are essential for a dramatic and sustained improvement in both personal and organizational performance.

Resolving the Heart of Conflict

This article claims something that might at first seem absurd: You like the conflicts you are in. And so does everyone else. But this surprising truth, once understood, gives us hope for finding resolution to our most troubling conflicts.

What We Are

Because we deceive ourselves so systematically, we actually have little comprehension of what we are. But we can be free of self-deception. We can learn the truth about ourselves. And what we learn transforms our experience.

The Financial Cost of Conflict in Organizations

Conflict in the workplace results in poor productivity, teamwork, and undesirable employee turnover. Quantifying the symptoms of conflict can motivate an organization to transform the conflicts that too many assume are simply a given.

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