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Managing Director

Senthiyl leads his team in delivering Arbinger’s technologies, intellectual properties and programs with the concerted objective of leading and supporting organisations, families and voluntary organisations in their transformation efforts.  

He was certified as a master trainer with the Arbinger Institute on 1 Nov 2003 (the oldest master trainer outside of the U.S) and also completed Arbinger’s Choice in Coaching program that applies the core work surrounding the explanation to the Self Deception paradox to coaching for leadership and performance in June 2004. 

Since Feb 2004, Senthiyl has worked with numerous leaders and diverse organizations in 19 countries In Asia Pacific, South Asia, Middle East and Europe. Today, he is a highly respected and sought-after Arbinger consultant, whose work has impacted many individuals and organisations across the region.

Some of the client organizations he has supported include: Shell, F5 Networks, Microsoft, T-Systems, Plus Malaysia Bhd, Mediacorp (Singapore), Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysia), Sunway Berhad (Malaysia), Singhealth (Singapore), Nhgp (Singapore), Amman Mineral (Indonesia), Sampoerna Kayoe (Indonesia), MPTC (Philippines), Red Ribbon Bake Shop (Philippines), Singapore Armed Forces, Ministry Of Education (Singapore), Petronas (Malaysia), Bursa Malaysia, Proton (Malaysia), See Hoy Chan (Malaysia), Wingtai Holdings Asia, Opulent Group (Singapore), Institute Of Mental Health (Singapore), Reliance Foundation (India), UEM Sunrise (Malaysia), Singapore Refining Company among others.

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