Step 3: Systems Improvement

Changing mindset and developing leaders are necessary but not sufficient steps to fully embed outward mindset into the fabric of a team or organization. The third step in an outward mindset transformation is adjusting systems, processes, and procedures to invite and reward outward mindset ways of working.

Systems Improvement Elements

Quarterly Implementation Sessions

Adjustments to key systems and processes happen through a consulting process with Arbinger. We recommend meeting approximately quarterly to ensure a regular cadence of meetings that also allows time for changes to be implemented. In each meeting, senior leaders and Arbinger consultants address one topic that affects the organization's ability to achieve its goals. For example, meeting topics might include policy and procedure revision, process improvement, labor-management relations, or leader mentoring.

Strategic Planning & Execution

This collaborative process enables the achievement of organizational objectives while fostering cross-functional alignment and accountability. Executing the plans developed in this intensive series of sessions enables executive teams to embed deep accountability into the fabric of their organization. This program can be completed in four sessions, with time between each session to complete specific assignments. The time needed for each session will depend upon the size of the group and the complexity of the organization.

Executive Coaching

Arbinger's executive coaching program is designed to help senior leaders drive and sustain outward mindset ways of working across their organizations. It enables them to apply outward mindset approaches in their own work practices and think strategically about how to implement an outward mindset within their teams and across their organizations. Over the course of the sessions, Arbinger coaches work with leaders to develop a customized coaching plan based on the individual, leadership, and organizational objectives important to that leader. Plans include personal and team development goals and metrics.

Contact Us About Starting Your Process

Contact Us About Starting Your Process