Process Overview

Organizations populated by people who have more or less the same mindset they’ve always had will continue to produce more or less the same results they’ve always produced. If they’ve struggled with common challenges like low engagement, poor collaboration, or lack of innovation, for example, these problems will continue—unless they change what’s actually causing the problems.

That cause is a self-focused inward mindset. Breakthrough results only happen when people shift from an inward mindset to an impact-focused outward mindset.

Arbinger enables organizations and their people to turn outward through a three-step process: mindset change, leader development, and systems improvement. Before beginning the process, we recommend you speak with us about your specific needs, challenges, and objectives.

Outward Mindset Transformation Process


In order to begin shifting to an outward mindset, individuals first engage with an educational experience that equips them with the knowledge and tools needed to make the shift. Through training, individuals learn the difference between the two mindsets, how an inward mindset hinders relationships and results, and how to shift to an outward mindset. Training formats vary from in-person workshops to online video-based discussion groups. Training materials include a workshop handbook, sustainment video guide, and Arbinger’s bestselling books, Leadership and Self-Deception and The Outward Mindset.


As leaders and organizational development experts know, one single educational experience will not lead to sustained change. Implementing an outward mindset takes regular practice and an accountability structure. To this end, at the end of the educational component individuals (or teams, if they have completed the training as a group) select from the tools they have learned to build a “game plan” to implement outward mindset in their daily activities and work cadence. Program participants also receive access to an eight-week video sustainment program. These videos are most impactful when teams watch them together and discuss the questions in the accompanying sustainment guide as part of their regularly scheduled meeting cadence.


Finally, team leaders participate in implementation coaching to help them drive and sustain change as well as address specific workplace issues. This component helps leaders learn to embed outward mindset tools and concepts into their organization’s day-to-day operations. In the course of six phone conversations held over three months, the leader and the implementation coach track progress against the “game plan,” address roadblocks, and apply outward mindset tools to the leader’s own business challenges.

Contact Us About Starting Your Process

Contact Us About Starting Your Process