Our Facilitator

Pang Zijun

Head Consultant 
Arbinger Institute Singapore/Malaysia


A conjuror who enjoys spreading love and happiness through everything she cooks — food and ideas alike. Name any dish and she will be able to present it to you, gourmet style; express any challenge or concern and she conjures up the most innovative solutions. 

Having called four different nations home, she is one who enjoys culture – diversity, people, and experiences unconditionally. Because she is not one to conform, she is able to challenge the status quo. This sets the stage for her to shine as an astute consultant who is able to pinpoint the crux of organizational problems while deriving creative solutions.

As a Millennial, her decade of experience as a student, teammate, consultant, mentor, mentee, and certified Master Trainer, has allowed her to nurture and inspire genuine conversations and relationships across the generational spectrum with Arbinger’s mindset frameworks.

Zijun has worked extensively across multiple organizations facilitating change management, providing refreshing and honest insights into the challenges organizations face in managing millennials, and how millennials are shaping the future of work and leadership.



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