The Arbinger Institute is committed to living by the core tenets of our philosophy; namely, seeing every person as a person. We endeavor to turn the world outward, both in our work with others and as we work together as an organization.

We acknowledge, respect, and celebrate both our similarities and differences. We see ourselves as part of a human family, full of beautiful diversity. Arbinger acknowledges the many injustices that happen around the world stemming from a long history of racism, oppression, and discrimination. We recognize that these injustices continue to happen. We are unequivocally opposed to such injustices and to all forms of dehumanization and discrimination.

We recognize that we must always seek to improve ourselves, finding new ways to actively work against injustice, inequality, and insensitivity. As an organization, we continue to look for ways to adjust our efforts in this regard and measure our impact. This is not a project to be completed or a race with a finish line. Rather, it is the work to establish a culture of listening and learning from a place of genuine respect and curiosity.

Part of our curiosity includes engaging in open conversation. Speaking up about where we might be falling short as an organization is not simply protected from retribution, it is encouraged from all areas and all roles.

We have committed to seeking out diverse voices to inform our thinking and review our efforts and, to that end, have established Arbinger’s Advisory Board. This board is comprised of individuals from around the world who bring unique knowledge, experience, and skills. Our culture, product, and policies will continue to be enriched by their contributions. We are actively seeking to uncover our blind spots and will urgently work to address them. Additionally, as part of our efforts to have a more diverse work force, we are moving beyond traditional recruiting efforts which have historically proven to underrepresent women and minority applicants.

The work we do through our non-profit initiative is an important component of our commitment. Our financial support of non-profits helps them amplify their ability to eradicate injustice in the communities they serve.

The Arbinger principles and tools are uniquely valuable in the fight against dehumanization and injustice. The impact of seeing people as people is lasting and far-reaching, and we are encouraged to see systemic changes, resolution of generational conflicts, and remarkable community growth as the principles are applied.