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  • 1.0 Why Mindset Matters
  • 7.0 Becoming fully accountable

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The core features of Outward Mindset Online include:

  • Unique Netflix documentary style learning
  • 10 modules, 33 lessons conveyed by real leaders and employees addressing real challenges
  • Access to a range of robust easy-to-apply tools
  • Ongoing mindset assessment for self-evaluation
  • Optional blended learning that enables your leaders or internal facilitators to become Outward Mindset discussion leaders
  • Certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the programme

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Overview: 01 Why Mindset Matters

Explore why mindset is so critical to our ability to influence others and transform the way we work and run our organisations. In this module, you will:

  • Hear from leaders inc. the former president of Raytheon who share their frustrations of trying to lead transformational change from a defensive self-orientated mindset.
  •  Explore how to achieve sustainable change by working at the level of mindset

Overview: 02 Self Deception

Sometimes those who most need to change cannot see that they need to change. Sometimes the person who most needs to change is our self. In this module, you will:

  • Discover why we resist seeing the challenges we create for ourselves and others. Hear from leaders who made the realisation that either they were the problem, or significantly contributing to the problem.
  • Understand how we can either see others as ‘people’ or ‘objects’ and how this fundamental distinction changes our experience of them and their experience of us.

Overview: 03 Radical Self Awareness

Explore the ways we betray our deepest sense of what others need from us and how we then tell stories to ourselves, to justify and shift the responsibility for our actions onto others. In this module, you will:

  • Explore how through our justifications, we can begin to see people as objects and the negative implications that can follow.
  •  See how through our justifying, we make decisions and take actions that deep down we know are not the ones we should be taking.

Overview: 04 My Distorted Reality

Discover how we adopt and become invested in self-images that reduce our ability to be truly effective. In this module, you will:

  • Listen to the stories of people where their self-justifying image of being ‘better than’ or more deserving created friction and resistance from others. 
  •  Explore a self-reflection process to highlight where these self-justifying images could be undermining you or your team’s ability to influence, build relationships and make better decisions.

Overview: 05 Transforming Conflict

It’s easy to perpetuate conflict—even unknowingly. We call this collusion, and it is at the heart of conflict. Yet there is a way to end these conflicts, break down silos and move to a place of collaboration and alignment with others. In this module, you will:

  • Learn from the experiences of leaders and teams who have used the ‘Collusion Model ™’ to enable them to turn conflicts into productive relationships.
  • Apply this model yourself to a current conflict or unproductive relationship you are experiencing and use the coaching questions to plan a productive way forward.

Overview: 06 Turning My Job Outward

There is a remarkable power in seeing those we impact as people. When we genuinely recognise others, including their goals, talents, and pressures, we will invite cooperation and foster creative and innovative ways to how we solve problems and maximise opportunities. In this module, you will:

  • See how leaders reconceived their job role by identifying those most impacted by their work.
  • Implement an Outward Mindset tool to create greater understanding, alignment and cooperation with your peers, direct reports or other teams.

Overview: 07 Becoming Fully Accountable

Having the right capabilities and putting forth the required effort is essential, but it is not good enough. When we are outward, we focus on our impact, not just our output. From an outward mindset, we don’t wait for others to hold us accountable. We take the initiative to schedule, prepare for, and regularly report to our manager. In this module, you will:

  • Hear the story of a highly talented leader who realised that talent and hard work was not enough.
  • Use a simple yet helpful tool to reflect, self evaluate and feedback to your manager or peers.

Overview: 08 Helping Others Change

Explore the source and structure of influence—how we see, engage and influence others, including those who seem resistant to change or our ideas. When others don’t respond to our suggestions, what can we do? In this module, you will:

  • Use the Influence pyramid to identify and analyse key relationships that you need to build or make more productive.
  • Explore how the most powerful way to build our influence with others is to ensure our behaviour flows from a mindset that sees others as people.

Overview: 09 Giving Up Blame

When we feel we have been mistreated, it can be easy to justify that its either impossible or not worth having an Outward Mindset towards those who have behaved poorly towards us. However, as you will see in the next video, our influence with those who have mistreated us is most authentic and powerful when we still operate from a mindset where we continue to see them as people. In this module, you will:

  • Witness, an example of someone who had every reason to hate and blame, yet was able to stay outward and positively influence the life of the person who had caused them serious harm.
  • See how a leadership team moved from objectifying a difficult to work with leadership team, from the sister company to building a productive relationship.

Overview: 10 Living for Others

In this final module, the Managing Partner of The Arbinger Institute, Mitch Warner shares a personal story of what self-improvement is and is not. This powerful story conveys some important insights, including:

  •  Being an Outward Mindset leader or employee is not a qualification or something we do, it’s something we are. Ironically if you’re trying to be ‘outward’ it’s likely to be more about portraying a positive image than being truly outward.
  •  Being outward is a journey. It’s not about trying to ‘Get it right’. It requires that we try our best to stay ‘others’ orientated. In doing this, we will build trusted relationships, resilience, cooperation and agility into our teams and organisation.

We hope you enjoyed your first experience of Outward Mindset Online.

If you would like to experience the look and feel of the actual programme, please drop us an email at events@arbingersea.com and we can arrange a 30 minute video call where we will walk you through the intuitive user interface and answer any questions you may have around the product and how its implemented. 

Please click here to request a demonstration and/or to speak with our mindset change consultant