Our Facilitator

Senthiyl SSG

Managing Director
Arbinger Institute Singapore/Malaysia


Senthiyl is at the forefront of guiding his team in the delivery of Arbinger’s cutting-edge technologies, intellectual properties, and programs, all aimed at championing and bolstering organizations and their leaders in their transformative journeys.

Having earned his certification as a master trainer from the esteemed Arbinger Institute on November 1, 2003, Senthiyl holds the distinction of being the most tenured facilitator outside of the United States. Furthermore, he completed Arbinger’s Choice in Coaching program in June 2004, harnessing the fundamental principles of addressing self-deception paradoxes to elevate leadership and performance through coaching.

Since February 2004, Senthiyl has been on a remarkable odyssey, collaborating with a diverse array of leaders and organizations spanning 20 countries across Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Today, he is widely respected as an Arbinger consultant of exceptional repute, with a profound influence on countless individuals and organizations throughout the region.



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