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The Outward MindsetTM

3-Day Facilitator Training (In-person)

(This 3-day training is available for participants who have already attended Arbinger’s 1 or 2 day Outward Mindset workshops)

Date: 20th – 22nd September 2023, Wednesday – Friday

Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Venue: Venue to be advised


Becoming a certified Arbinger Facilitator for your organization is rewarding both personally and professionally.

It involves the following 5 basic steps:

  • Fulfilling prerequisites prior to the Facilitator Training course
  • Identifying issues or challenges within the organization where Arbinger’s work can be a solution
  • Attending the 3-day Facilitator Training course
  • Certification upon successful completion of the course
  • Delivering the Arbinger program(s) within your organization

Upon completion of certification, facilitators are licensed to deliver seminars for members of their employing organization only with proper course materials.


Arbinger Facilitator Training is an advanced level training program that explores the breadth and depth of Arbinger’s groundbreaking work. We ask that participants come prepared to deepen their understanding of Arbinger’s material, explore its application to their personal and work lives, and adopt Arbinger’s out-of-the box method of delivering its material.

The following prerequisites must be completed before attending any facilitator training:

  • Attendance at a one/two-day Arbinger seminar/workshop
  • Read Leadership & Self Deception and/or The Anatomy of Peace

Course Structure

Arbinger Facilitator Training is a 3-day course.

This course equips participants with a deep understanding of Arbinger’s material, preparing participants to deliver this material within their organization. Because Arbinger’s work is a complete model rather than a compilation of ideas, a significant dimension of the training is learning to be able to comprehend and deliver all the principles as elements of a complete framework in a logically coherent manner.

During the 3-day training experience participants learn:

  • How to facilitate Arbinger’s core and implementation material
  • How to facilitate applying Arbinger’s core philosophy to the workplace
  • How to ensure that the facilitator invites an out-of-the-box space for participants
  • To reflect carefully and deeply upon personal boxes that impede facilitator excellence

Facilitator Training schedule:

  • Train to Teach “Developing an Outward Mindset” – 1.5 days
  • Train to Teach “Implementing an Outward Mindset” – 1 day
  • Live delivery of session – 1/2 day

Course Content

During the 3-Day Workshop, participants will be trained to facilitate Arbinger's Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset 2-Day Workshop, following the training schedule above.

Train to Teach "Developing an Outward Mindset" – 1.5 days

    • Self-Awareness Tool: Self-Betrayal
    • Self-Awareness Tool: Inward Styles
    • Self-Awareness Tool: Collusion
    • Mindset-Change Tool: Influence Pyramid
    • Mindset-Change Tool: Outward Mindset Pattern

Train to Teach "Implementing an Outward Mindset" – 1 day

    • What I do and Who I Impact
    • Applying S.A.M.
    • Tools for Individuals
    • Tools for Teams

Live delivery of session – 1/2 day

Licensing & Certification

Upon successful completion of the 3-day course, Facilitators are certified to utilize the Arbinger training and implementation material in their employing organization only. A contract will be signed with the individual at the end of the training outlining the scope of delivery, including what material they can utilize and the per-participant cost of training materials.

Note: In the event of employment termination or a change of company, the facilitator is not automatically certified to deliver Arbinger material in their new organization. Entering into a new agreement with Arbinger will be needed.

Reminder – this course is for employees who will be delivering Arbinger’s training component application within their respective organization. This course is not for independent consultants, coaches or other external organizational development service providers.

Who Should Attend

  • Chairman, CEO (and other ‘C’ Level Leaders);
  • Executive Directors, Directors;
  • Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents;
  • Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors responsible for Performance, Culture Change and Transformation;
  • Team Leaders, Change Enablers & Change Champions.

CPD Certified

This course is certified under the IHRP Skills Badge HR Specialty Areas:
• Organisational Change, and
• Agile Ways of Working

Arbinger Singapore/Malaysia has been accredited as an Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Partner.  Individuals who complete this course will be awarded CPD hours which may be used to satisfy the requirements for IHRP certification application or renewals.

CPD Hours awarded: 24

HRDF Claimable

Arbinger’s The Outward Mindset 3-Day Facilitator Training is HRDF claimable.


Workshop Fee (Cost per person)

S$5,650.00 plus 8% GST

* Click here for our Terms and Conditions pertaining to replacement of participants and penalties relating to cancellation and “No-Show” cases.

Participants registering for both 1-Day or 2-Day “The Outward Mindset” Workshop and 3-Day “The Outward Mindset” Facilitator Training will be offered a discounted total fee of S$ 6,300.00 plus 8% GST

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