Enabling a Collaborative Approach to Restructuring






Staples provides a broad assortment of products, expanded business services, and easy ways to shop in both retail stores and online for individual consumers and mid- to large-sized businesses.


In 2013, Staples, the multinational retailer of office supplies, initiated a massive restructuring of its European operations. It was possibly the largest transformation in their industry. As a result of the tremendous changes involved, which included large-scale layoffs and significant revisions of roles and responsibilities, Staples Europe’s employees faced intense pressure.

As a result, there was tremendous tension within the company—tension that appeared as “a state of virtual warfare” among functions and locations. Very little business was getting done as a result.

Recognizing that their carefully conceived transformation plan had no chance of succeeding in such an environment, Staples turned to Arbinger for help.

“Staples has better results thanks to the new mindset of all the players within the company.”


Managing Director | Staples Retail Benelux


From June 2013 through January 2015, Arbinger designed and led customized work sessions every three to six months with the senior levels of Staples Europe leadership. Each session was designed for a specific stage of the transformation and to provide the leaders with tools that would allow them to successfully deal with the issues with which they were struggling during that stage. As a result, Staples Europe was able to execute the transformation plan in a far more collaborative and effective manner.

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