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Assessing Impact

A mindset approach to level-up recruitment efforts and performance conversations

1-Day Workshop

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Arbinger’s Assessing IMPACT (AI) workshop equips organizations with the language and tools to address the impact from the start. Beginning with recruitment, AI takes participants through a journey of strengthening their mindset and skills to identify the best people. These skills also apply to ongoing performance conversations to help nurture a healthier working culture.

There is no way to completely avoid hiring mistakes, but there is a way to level up your game.

Instead of assessing skills, which 82% of organizations do, assessing impact provide a better indicator of employee performance in the long run.

Purpose and Objectives

Strengthening candidate selection to ensure performance.

Address employee engagement and retention.

Improve working culture by reducing the feelings of burnout (caused by performance conversations) and leveling up the development conversations and relationship building.

Program Format

Assessing IMPACT (AI) is a one-day facilitator-led workshop designed for Human Resource Officers, Recruiters, and Line Managers at all levels. It is also recommended for professionals who regularly engage in conversations with multiple stakeholders.

Participants encounter powerful concepts, utilize illuminating assessments, learn how to use practical tools, and engage in transformational conversations that change the way they see themselves and those around them. The workshop also includes an introduction to application modules that provide practical tools to implement lasting change.

Participants will receive writing materials and a hardcopy AI workbook which includes assessments and tools to help deepen learning and sustain ongoing implementation.


  • Understand two different mindsets and their implications on selection.
  • Uncover red flags and biases to help attain greater clarity.
  • Redefine accountability and impact to deepen people’s conviction to be more helpful to each other.
  • To master tools that will help people better prepare for interviews and improve the quality of conversations.
  • Learn to ask and interpret the appropriate questions to evaluate impact.
  • Have hands-on experience applying the tools during the workshop.


  • Mindset, Behaviour, and Result
  • 3 Levels of Accountability
  • Two Mindsets
  • Inward Mindset Styles


  • Level 3 (Outward) Accountability
  • What is Impact


  • Influence Pyramid
  • Start in the Right Way


  • The Right Questions
  • Inward Mindset Signs
  • Mapping Impact
  • Mock Interview


This workshop has no prerequisites.

Pricing and Schedule

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